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☆マルル☆first and true lj-community☆since march 06☆

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Apr 22nd, 08 @ 2:07am]

Aki and Yukito have a new band!

It's called ダウナー (downer). They have both new names:
Aki - Anzu
Yukito - Kagome

Their ohp is here

Does anyone know about the other members?

I've already created a comm which I will update tomorrow. But please feel free to join right away.

Sorry for the name, but every other possibility was already taken.
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[Selling] Kanrei Theater Moll [Friday
Sep 28th, 07 @ 10:59am]

I didn't see anything against this kind of post in the rules so I guess it's okay ^^
I'm selling Maruru's Kanrei Theater Moll since I need money.
If you're interested, please have a look HERE ^^
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Apr 4th, 07 @ 3:23pm]


Just a small entry to let people know that after hearing the sad news.. friend and I have decided to  started a small マルル Fan Project. 
Cards, photos, pictures, drawings, something you've made, letters.. anything.
We will be going to マルル lastlive at 渋谷O-West on 5/11 and give them our gifts personally.
Deadline is 5/5.. any other information or for the address to send things email merou3@hotmail.co.jp ..じゃ..ばいばい.
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maruru's graduation [Wednesday
Mar 28th, 07 @ 12:25pm]

everyone might know that yesterday was a serious announcement.

it was about marurus 'graduation' on 11th may.

i had some problems to understand first what this meant, maybe i didnt want to understand...
even i expected this before, it is really hard for me to believe.
but a friend helped me to be sure about it.

with kirua getting an adult next month, all member are over 20, and are thinking about their future seriously...
first kirua thought about leaving the band alone and wanted the other to keep on and talked to all members. 
They completely understood him, and they want to graduate with him together.

Obviously they use the word graduate instead of disband. 
this means they are still really good friends and its not because they arent getting along anymore.

second announcement was that kirua will be playing guitar on stage the last time that day.

let's hope at least the other ones will continue music and we can see them again in future....
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member only [Wednesday
Mar 15th, 06 @ 7:53pm]

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